Foreign language tuition and language level assessment

At Anglokom we provide foreign language tailored-courses for corporate employees encompassing such services as:

  • Individual one-to-one tuition.
  • Group courses.
  • Business English.
  • Examination preparation (e.g. Business English Certificates).
  • Specialised courses.
  • E-learning (skype lessons).
  • Language courses in London.

Incorporated in our team are experienced teachers (holding either an M.A, or even a PhD degree), who know that inch-perfect language education is essential to your branding and company reputation. They fully understand the teaching process and will effectively help you to acquire a second language. Our aim is to achieve accurate and exceptional quality language teaching services to clients.

Anglokom teachers rely on Communicative Language Teaching method (CLT) where all the module instructors advocate for a communicative approach, i.e. a greater emphasis on the use of the target language during the classes, and in particular, a greater emphasis on orality. For our staff, communication entails the exchange of unknown information between interlocutors where communication is understood in the most global, anthropological terms, that is, as a cultural-bond system for making meaning. At Anglokom we make sure that these principles come true while teaching a language.

All of our customers have praised our level of service and performance (some customer testimonials are provided on our website). Our competence, the benefits stemming from the application of CLT method as well as passion for teaching enable our clients to develop an array of language-related skills, such as:

  • Flexible as well as accurate command of a language.
  • Understanding IT language.
  • Making telephone conversations.
  • Taking part in a second-language conferences, teleconferencing, workshops.
  • Running business presentations.
  • Writing and understanding business correspondence.
  • Negotiating in a second language.
  • Being more confident and open while communicating in the second language.

Check our competitive prices:

We organize courses in English, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, Swedish and Polish for foreigners.

One tutorial lesson (45 minutes) is available from 65,00 zł net. and depends on the number of participants as well as the final amount of classes the clients take weekly. Feel free to reach out to us for a formal quotation.

Under request we organize placement tests and issue certificates describing the current language level.