Anglokom was created in 2000 as an integrated language service provider offering an array of services ranging from foreign language tuition and translation services to various business-oriented courses and corporate documents readability assessments.


We will work with you to help you meet your objectives; whether they are in local, national or international markets, by providing professional language solutions for all your communication requirements.


Our philosophy at Anglokom is to fully understand and evaluate the individual needs and requirements for each project before we undertake the work to ensure we continue to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Training in communication

  • Language training in General English and English for Specific Purposes

  • Interpersonal and cross-cultural communication

  • Corporate communication with the elements of business etiquette


  • Translation/interpretation services

  • Foreign language tuition

  • Business courses, workshops and trainings

  • Corporate documents and websites readability level analysis

  • Language level assessments



40-055 Katowice
ul. Poniatowskiego 28/4

  • biuro@anglokom.pl

  • 600-238-340

  • 606-622-736

  • 32-204-54-24