Corporate documents and websites readability level analysis

Studies indicate that you have 7 seconds to grab someone’s attention. Readable text helps you cut out the noise. Text readability is a measure of how well and how easily a text conveys its intended meaning to a reader of that text.

A number of factors influences the readability of a text. These include:

  • Physical factors such as typeface, font size, spacing and layout.
  • Reader factors such as prior knowledge, reading ability, and motivation of the reader.
  • Vocabulary difficulty.
  • Text structure.
  • Text coherence and cohesion.

Readability is one of the most important aspects of Web design usability. Readable text affects how users process the information in the content. Poor readability scares readers away from the content. On the other hand, done correctly, readability allows users to efficiently read and take in the information in the text. At Anglokom we can check the readability level of the documents/texts your company uses and assess how easily a potential reader is likely to understand it. Our company can also modify the already-existing texts so that they meet the readability demands of an ordinary reader and hence attract a wider range of customers.

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