Our team

Our staff encompasses highly qualified language tutors, translators and business trainers.

  • Incorporated in our team are experienced teachers (holding either an M.A, or even a PhD degree), who know that inch-perfect language education is essential to your branding and company reputation. They fully understand the teaching process and will effectively help you to acquire a second language. Our aim is to achieve accurate and exceptional quality language teaching services to clients.
  • Our team of highly qualified linguists will ensure your documentation is delivered on time and specifically to your needs. At Anglokom we have the expertise to translate documents of every kind.
  • Business-oriented courses are run by experienced and qualified practitioners having a flair for sharing their knowledge and competence, enjoying their work and having passion for teaching. We offer an array of specialized and individualized courses run in Polish or English, in, or outside of the country.

Meet us

Iwona Dronia
Iwona Droniaowner
PhD, the owner, assessor and director of studies in Anglokom. A graduate of Silesian University, the Faculty of English Philology (MA in methodology of teaching English), a Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics, and a graduate of Human Resource Management at Humanitas University in Sosnowiec. She has been working as an academic teacher for 15 years, for the last three as a head of the English Institute. She has received two Dean’s Rewards (2009 and 2015) and scientific scholarships for her academic achievements. She has expertise in applied linguistics, discourse analysis, rhetorics and pragmatics with special attention paid to politeness and cross-cultural differences. The author of many publications of local and international level. She has also a long experience in organizing and running general and business courses revolving around interpersonal communication, soft-skills development, multiculturalism and marketing. The author and coordinator of local and international education and multiculturally- oriented projects.
Witold Sitko
Witold Sitkotranslator
translator for the past 10 years (sworn in 2014), graduate from the Business Language College at the University of Silesia and holder of a master’s degree from Aalborg University, Denmark. Witold has been working for Anglokom from the beginning of his career, translating mainly welding texts. He is a keen athlete (Ironman triathlon finisher) and has travelled over 70 countries with his backpack and tent, also on a bike, and by car.